Street Photographer Wins Payout From Police

A 15 year-old photographer has won an out-of-court settlement from the Metropolitan Police for their treatment of him after being arrested for taking pictures (lawfully) at a Police Cadets’ parade in Romford Essex. It seems that the Met. are either not aware of, or are failing to adhere to, their own guidelines for dealing with […]

Catch them while you can!

The BBC has aired some wonderful programmes featuring the work of three iconic photographers in the last couple of weeks. The first was in the “Imagine” series, presented by Alan Yentob, and featured the work of the amazing Vivian Maier, who has become a new favourite of all at StreetSeen. This until-recently unknown street photographer, […]

Flickr Announces One Free Terabyte Of Storage Space Per User

Flickr, the photo-sharing web site, has been bought up by Yahoo!, the venerable but ailing content and web services provider. In what looks like a bold attempt to steal a march on its competitors – Instagram, Google, Facebook et al – it seems they’ve announced (as discussed on the Tech Crunch web site) that they […]

The origins of StreetSeen

How did StreetSeen come about? Only a few short months ago, the three founding members, Roy Barry, Roj Smith and Graham Kidd, weren’t even aware of each others’ existence. The first unwitting step came in the autumn of 2012 when Roy, being a collector of old photography equipment, advertised on a local Yahoo-based Freegle group […]

I Am A Photographer, Not A Terrorist – A Cautionary Tale

This cartoon film by Gemma Atkinson should act as a cautionary tale for any would-be street photographers, whether they are professionals  or amateurs, who are inclined to photograph or film the police enacting their duties on the streets. The web site also includes links to useful information about your rights as a street photographer. Of […]

Fotoura International Street Photography Awards 2013

With 750 entries from 70 different countries, this year’s Fotoura International Street Photography Awards entries provide a fascinating insight into hometowns across the world. Alongside the winning entries in the Student Category, the Open Category winners and finalists will be featured in an exhibition taking place from 18 April to 27 April at ICN Gallery […]