I Am A Photographer, Not A Terrorist – A Cautionary Tale

This cartoon film by Gemma Atkinson should act as a cautionary tale for any would-be street photographers, whether they are professionals  or amateurs, who are inclined to photograph or film the police enacting their duties on the streets. The web site also includes links to useful information about your rights as a street photographer. Of […]

Fotoura International Street Photography Awards 2013

With 750 entries from 70 different countries, this year’s Fotoura International Street Photography Awards entries provide a fascinating insight into hometowns across the world. Alongside the winning entries in the Student Category, the Open Category winners and finalists will be featured in an exhibition taking place from 18 April to 27 April at ICN Gallery […]

What IS Street Photography?

Of all the most recognised genres of photography, street photography is possibly one of, if not the hardest to define. Landscape, portraiture, wildlife, wedding, architecture, sport – all of these are very easy to define, and to an extent at least, have some distinct good-practice guidelines which will, if followed, help to produce good results. […]

The Walls Have Eyes: Abandoned Spaces Given Graffiti Facelifts

Street art as championed by the likes of Banksy has come to real prominence in the last few years. It isn’t street photography of itself, of course, but documenting it with a camera is a good subject FOR street photography. Here’s a fine example, documenting the work of Russian street artist Nomerz, who transforms the […]

Found at Auction: The unseen photographs of Vivian Maier, a legend that never was

One of the great things about street photography is that it isn’t exclusively the domain of the professional, or the equipment-freak amateur. Anyone can go out with the simplest of cameras and just observe, quietly taking pictures, which often turn out to be valuable records of their time and that tell a story. Witness to […]

Pro or Am?

My profile says that I am “strictly an amateur photographer”, and for good reason. Many amateur photographers would give their right arm to be able to turn professional, and I can certainly understand that. I have never harboured any such aspirations, though. For a start, I don’t kid myself that I know nearly enough about […]


With the availability of such excellent cameras at affordable prices, photography has become accessible to almost everyone. The automation that today’s cameras routinely offer, and the quality of images that they are capable of producing (in the right hands) have, in theory, moved photography forward immensely. But have they? The equipment and materials that photographers […]