Graham Kidd


Graham Kidd

I am strictly an amateur photographer, living in coastal north Wales. I’ve been practising my amateurism since the late 70s, and with the exception of a brief introductory course at night class soon after buying my first “proper” camera, whatever I’ve learned, it’s been by “doing it”.

Although my preferred activity is street photography, I don’t exclude any particular subject matter – I’ll click my shutter at whatever is in front of my lens at the time.

Whatever I photograph, though, I try to show empathy with the subject, adding a little gentle humour wherever possible.

Judge for yourself!

Current equipment:

  • Canon EOS 5D Mk. III DSLR with various lenses
  • Fujifilm X20 compact camera
  • 2 x Olympus E-620 DSLRs with 3 lenses, ranging from 14-300mm (28-600mm in 35mm equivalents)
  • Fujifilm HS50-EXR bridge camera
  • Canon Powershot SX60 HS bridge camera
  • Panasonic Lumix TZ60 compact camera


  • Post-processing is kept to a minimum, with simplicity being the key. I’m probably out of step, in that I don’t use Photoshop at all. This isn’t to say that my photos are exactly as they came out of the camera, but Adobe LightRoom does everything I need, and I use version 5.2 (quite an old version now) for all my image management and manipulation.
  • I also occasionally use Paint Shop Pro 8 (again very, very old but still capable) for anything that I can’t do in LightRoom (but this is very rare).

2 thoughts on “Graham Kidd

  1. admin
    karine - 8 years ago

    Hello Graham, wish you good luck with your posted work here… keep on having a great opened eye to share us your own vision 🙂 bisous xxx

    1. admin
      admin - 8 years ago

      Thank you for your, as always, encouraging words, Karine. Bisous a vous aussi xx 😉

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