The origins of StreetSeen

How did StreetSeen come about?

Only a few short months ago, the three founding members, Roy Barry, Roj Smith and Graham Kidd, weren’t even aware of each others’ existence.

The first unwitting step came in the autumn of 2012 when Roy, being a collector of old photography equipment, advertised on a local Yahoo-based Freegle group forum, asking if anyone had any old cameras they no longer wanted. Graham spotted his ad., and having an old Ricoh 35mm rangefinder camera sitting on a shelf gathering dust, replied.

When Roy came over from Rhyl to collect the camera, the discussion that followed established that there was a considerable overlap in not just photography, but in many other aspects of their respective world-views.

Contact was maintained via Facebook, and Roy’s seed of an idea about a collaborative street photography venture that was planted in these early discussions finally sprouted in April 2013 in the form of this web site.

It was always intended to expand beyond the two initial members and in the meantime, Graham had become aware of the quality of Roj Smith’s work via a mutual friend on Twitter. Invitations were issued; Roj graciously accepted and was welcomed to the StreetSeen fold at the beginning of May 2013.

Real, in-the-flesh meetings have since taken place and enthusiastic discussions about where to take StreetSeen from here are well under way. Early momentum has been established and it has already become a friendly, co-operative and forward-looking group, with lots of ideas to explore. There is a bright future ahead for our group, without a doubt.


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