About StreetSeen

Welcome to the web site of StreetSeen, a new collective of photographers based in North Wales, UK, formed in January 2013, who love the photographic opportunities provided by the urban and suburban environments.

StreetSeen is a purposely small group, currently with eight members. There are no egos at work here; we are not competitive or precious about what we do. We simply present it here to allow you, the viewer, to judge and hopefully enjoy it for yourself, on your own terms. And, dedicated as we are to the art of street photography, we will feature articles on, and links to, the work of other street photographers that we admire, and that we think deserves wider exposure.

Each member photographer has their own space on the site to present their own work and their thoughts, via their own galleries and blog-space. It’s presented with complete openness and humility. Feel free to comment and criticise – that’s how we’ll learn and improve – but please be constructive with any criticism that you leave. We look forward to hearing from you.

We aim to expand on the beginnings that this web site represents with projects, exhibitions, publications and more.