Today Sunday, 16th June 2024
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Photography by Graham Kidd

Hiding in plain sight, swimming against the tide in a sea of indifference




Graham Kidd

I am Graham Kidd.

Not THE Graham Kidd, just A Graham Kidd. There are lots of me, apparently. More than you might imagine.

Born in 1953 in Liverpool, UK, I now live with my partner in North Wales. I have one son, who lives in New Jersey.

I retired in May 2009, much to everyone’s relief (not least mine), after a career in IT.

Music, cinema and especially photography (one of the few things I take seriously) take up a lot of my time. I’ll listen to most kinds of music, especially performed live, except opera, rap/hip-hop, dance and all derivatives of what now passes as R&B.

I subscribe to the disenfranchised UK politics of the The Left, and am a card-carrying member of the Labour Party. I am a devout, practising atheist.

As a life-long supporter of Liverpool Football Club, hereafter referred to as “The Mighty Reds”, I was a massive disappointment to my dear, late father, who supported The Other Lot.

On top of all that, I try to be a decent human being. I hope I succeed. Feel free to disagree.

Regarding my photography, I’m strictly an amateur, and a generalist – I’ll point my camera at anything I find interesting, and press the button. This will become apparent when (if!) you view my Galleries.

I use various cameras: Canon & Olympus DSLRs, Canon, Fujifilm & Sony Bridges, Olympus Mirrorless, Fujifilm & Panasonic Lumix Compacts, and a Samsung Galaxy A12 cellphone. It doesn’t really matter what equipment you use – it’s the photographer that’s responsible for the photograph, not the camera. (I just get a bit of a buzz out of using different equipment!)

I humbly offer some of my images to you, in the hope that you enjoy at least a few of them, as I enjoy the assorted brilliance I find elsewhere.