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Photography by Graham Kidd

Hiding in plain sight, swimming against the tide in a sea of indifference


Early Days

I first dipped my toe into the photographic ocean in the late 1970s, when a photography enthusiast friend persuaded me to buy a camera. I found a second-hand Pentax ME at a camera store in Dale Street, Liverpool, and enrolled on a WEA night class at the Open Eye Gallery, which was then in its infancy in an old warehouse in Whitechapel. The gallery has since become a major presence in Liverpool, with prestigious premises at the Pier Head. It taught me some very valuable lessons, and got me off to a flying start, including black & white film processing and printing. The kitchen in my flat was permanently set-up as a darkroom. The principles and techniques that I learned then still apply, and have stood me in good stead ever since.

The images in this gallery are all from that period.

Link: Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool.