This page provides links to other external resources – galleries, books, other photographers’ web sites, etc.

Galleries & Studios:

  • Oriel Colwyn, Colwyn Bay. This local gallery, the only gallery in North Wales dedicated to photography, has a rolling schedule of exhibitions, and almost constantly has one in progress. Visit the Oriel Colwyn web site for details of their current and future schedule.
  • Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool:
  • Urban Picnic, Saffron Waldon, Essex:

Other Street Photographers:

  • Street Photographers is an international collective of photographers, whose members carry on the long tradition of street photography. (A bit like StreetSeen, only somewhat bigger!)
  • Philip Jones Griffiths b. 1936, d. 2008 – Born in Rhuddlan in what is now Denbighshire, Jones Griffiths was a member of the renowned Magnum Photo Agency. He documented conflicts all over the world, from the streets of Belfast to Vietnam, as well as photographing celebrities such as The Beatles in their early career, and ordinary people in their work and home environments. A class act.
  • Tany Kely is a French photographer who bought a first camera in about 2009. Despite a lack of experience, she has produced some remarkable work, receiving awards in the UK and USA, as well as being exhibited as far afield as Cambodia. The particular focus of her work is the interaction between people and their urban environment.
  • Shin Noguchi was born in 1976 in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, and is a freelance graphic designer/street photographer based in Kamakura/Tokyo, Japan.

Books & Publications:

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