Today Sunday, 16th June 2024
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First world problem:

I have a Fuji HS50EXR bridge camera. It’s not a Leica, but it’s a very capable old camera. It suffered from a common problem on this range of the rubberised coating on the body turning to a sticky goo, which was a nightmare to get off, and made the camera quite unpleasant to use. It caused me to more or less abandon it for years, which I felt bad about, because I really like the camera. I thought about just giving it away, goo & all, but yesterday I persevered. Lots of rubbing alcohol and an hour or so of diligent rubbing later, I’d removed the sticky mess. Now that it’s OK again, I took it out for a spin, & remembered why I liked it so much. Now I can’t decide whether to keep it or not, as I have more than enough kit to achieve the mediocrity that I’ve reached up to now.

What should I do? Keep it, or sell it? (It has some resale value).

Here’s one of the images that I took on its run-out…

Passion Flower
Passion Flower

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